Tuesday, October 21, 2014

License Number:  CGC 057160

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Specializing in Upscale Custom Homes And Premier Commercial Construction

Home Remodeling

Want to redesign and remodel your home? Our team of remodeling experts can help you bring your dream to life.

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New Construction

Our team of well trained professionals can handle any size project from the ground up.

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Outdoor Designs

Whatever style of deck and/or paver you desire, we can build it for you.

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At GTE Builders, 

we are dedicated to building excellence. Our commitment to deliver customer satisfaction has resulted in invaluable partnerships with our clients. Today, those alliances account for our continued growth.

Because collaboration is the foundation of quality, our team works together from conception through completion to bring ideas into life. We ensure that every project is managed with forethought and precision.

We have been servicing South Florida since 1994 operating in the commercial and residential markets. From renovating homes to major new constructions, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations; we anticipate change and inspire a way of life.

Featured Projects

  • Ocean Blvd
  • Woodfield Country Club
  • South Ocean Blvd
  • Boca Raton Country Club



Ocean Blvd

Location Boca Raton, FL 
Market Sector Renovation
Square Feet 5,000 
Project Type New Construction 



Woodfield Country Club

Location Boca Raton, FL
Market Sector Residential 
Square Feet 3,500 
Project Type Renovation 



South Ocean Blvd

Location Delray Beach, FL 
Market Sector Community
Square Feet 1,000 per unit 
Project Type New Construction 



Boca Raton Country Club

Location Boca Raton, FL 
Market Sector Residential 
Square Feet N/A
Project Type Renovation